What Are The Common Symptoms Of Asbestosis

Asbestos is a material that is very harmful for human being. There are many industries that has been still working on this material. This material provides the protections against heat and cold but the effects of this material is very bad on human being. When it is being made in an industry or we used it at home or at any other place, it starts giving its negative effect on human being. Initially, it was not discovered that it has that bad effect on human beings. 

Soon, researchers came to know that it is the hazardous material for human being and it is bad than poisonous chemicals. It can cause cancer and many other diseases if we stay in touch with this material for so long. 

Some people who have got affected by this diseased, don’t even know that they are victim of this disease. So, we have to be very careful. Following are the symptoms of asbestosis if someone has been going through it then we should take them immediately to the hospital for the treatments.


  • Difficulty in Breathing:


When we start having difficulty in breathing gradually without any specific reason and we are working in an industry where harmful chemicals and other things are made then we should get our self-checked. There are chances that the results come positive for asbestosis.


  • Series of Dry Coughing:


It happens so many times that we get episodes of coughing when there is change in weather or climate. We all feel cold and fever. But if there is no such change in climate and we still have this coughing issue which has been increasing day by day then it is also a sign of asbestosis.


  • Loss of Appetite:


We have seen many people who become skinny in less time. hey start eating less or they get fed up of eating. They don’t want to eats anything. It is also a symptom of asbestosis if all the test results came out negative.


  • Pain in Chest:


Asbestos clearance directly hits the chest. It decreases the flow of blood to the heart. When we don’t have a proper flow through heart then there are chances that we might get heart attack. But, before that the chances of asbestosis are higher.


  • Lungs Issues:


We can have lungs issues as soon as we get hit by asbestosis. It makes us lethargic and there are chances of lungs failures and well.

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